Our battery brands

We currently stock Federal, Energex and Solite brand batteries. Contact us or visit our warehouse to find out which models are currently available or to place a special order.

AGM Batteries

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries – Sealed batteries to prevent acid spillage and reduced weight for higher performance.

What is an AGM battery? AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are spill-proof and provide improved charge times and the ability to deep cycle compared to lead-acid batteries.…

Lead-acid Batteries

High performance sealed lead-acid batteries for a wide range of applications.

What is a lead-acid battery? Lead-acid batteries are the most popular type of batteries sold today. They're used in many applications, and you'll typically find…

Gel Batteries

VRLA (gel cell) batteries – Non-spill and maintenance free high performance batteries.

What is a gel (VRLA*) battery? Gel, or gel cell batteries are spill-proof, maintenance free batteries for high-performance applications. They are sealed during manufacturing and…