What is a lead-acid battery?

Lead-acid batteries are the most popular type of batteries sold today. They’re used in many applications, and you’ll typically find them in your car or truck, where they’re used to power the starter motor and provide electricity to the electronics.

Lead-acid batteries are the standard for automotive applications. But if you’re looking for higher performance in more demanding environments, like boating or motorcycling, you may want to consider AGM batteries or gel batteries.

Why should I use a lead-acid battery?

You need a battery to start your vehicle and provide power for lighting and ignition. Lead-acid batteries are the batteries that will do this for you at the best cost to performance ratio.

What lead-acid batteries does TBA stock?

We stock lead-acid batteries for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, and specialist vehicles. Our lead-acid battery brands include Solite, Energex and Federal. Contact us for current stock information.

We provide a battery fitting service for private vehicles at our warehouse in Devonshire.