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Kandice Smith

January 16th 2020

Steven McGuinness

January 16th 2020

Richard Lathan

January 16th 2020

Quick, friendly and resourceful. Good quality products.

Timp Bermuda

January 16th 2020

Great place for batteries.

Marvin Pitcher

January 16th 2020

Service with a smile, and installed the battery at no additional charge. Highly recommended for your vehicle battery and tire needs!

Andre Smith

November 16th 2019

Carlos Medeiros

June 16th 2019

Omz Don

March 16th 2019

Lots of options for tires.. Great quality brands.. Friendly and helpful customer service.. Fast and efficient instalation included in the price.. Staff are wiling to negotiate in order to give you everything that you are looking for.. Would highly recommend for your next tire purchase

C Fernando

February 14th 2019

Desmond Woolridge

January 16th 2019