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New GT Radial Tire Delivery

Jan 2020

David unloading a full container of GT Radial tires

David's been unloading a new container full of GT Radial tires yesterday. Hard work!

We've now got the following GT Radial tires in stock:

Car Tires:

  • 165/65/R14 Champiro VP1
  • 185/60/R15 Champiro VP1
  • 205/40/R17 Sport Active XL
  • 205/45/R16 Champiro UHP AS
  • 215/45/R17 Champiro UHP AS
  • 215/55/R17 Champiro UHP AS
  • 215/60/R17 Champiro VP1
  • 215/65/R16 Champiro VP1


Lt. Truck / Van Tires:

  • 175/R14c 8ply Maxmiler X


Truck / Heavy Truck Tires:

  • 700/R16 12ply 668 Super Traveller
  • 11R/22.5 Heavy Duty 16ply Giti GT867
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