Proper preparation is the most important component when passing your TCD inspection. It will save you a second trip to BECL for re-inspection should your moped fail its first inspection. You’ll still have the cost of repair and maintenance services, but preparing in advance is the best way to limit your trips to BECL.

If you’re concerned about your moped or motorbike passing its TCD test, come by our office and warehouse at 1, Marsh Lane, Devonshire to speak with one of our experts.

What is a TCD inspection?

Bermuda’s Transport Control Department (TCD), comparable to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the USA, requires your vehicles to undergo an annual safety and emissions inspection.

Although Bermuda Emissions Control Ltd (BECL) conducts inspections of mopeds and other road vehicles, most island residents still call it the TCD inspection. In the United Kingdom, this inspection is known as a MOT test.

Prior preparation is the Key Ingredient to have your moped pass a TCD inspection

In Bermuda, BECL manages three facilities in Hamilton (Southside, Rockaway and North Streets). These facilities are for all road vehicles, including mopeds, bikes, cars, buses, trucks and trailers. Only brand new cars, just off the dock,  are exempt from BECL inspections.

In order to license your vehicle, it must pass both a safety and an emissions test. Among the list of inspection items that BECL checks are:

  • All headlights, sidelights and brake lights are working.
  • All hazard lights and turn indicators are working.
  • Windshield wipers (front & rear) and door window mechanisms are working.
  • Instrument panel warning lights, such as the “check engine” light, are NOT on.
  • Interior inspections include making sure the upholstery is in good condition, seats are secure, and seatbelts are working properly.
  • No major leaks of oil, coolant or hydraulic fluid.
  • Tires are properly inflated without excessive wear or damage.
  • Exhaust emission levels are low, to protect the environment.
  • The body of the vehicle for damage or rust.

Moped inspection requirements

There are frequent changes to regulations, so be sure to check with BECL if you are unsure about a particular item.

For a motorcycle/moped/scooter, the primary inspection requirements are:

  • Noise level under 93 decibels at 32kph in top gear.
  • Headlights, rear lights, stop lights, indicators, horn and brakes in working order.
  • No major damage, corrosion or dents to the frame, bodywork or paintwork.
  • Seats, panniers and top boxes are in good condition and secure.
  • The frame, spokes and forks are in good condition.
  • Handlebars are no wider than 30 inches (76cm), with no excessive free play, and have grips on each handle bar.

TCD inspections for second-hand motorbikes

If you buy a second-hand motorbike/scooter, the seller is responsible for “transfer” testing the vehicle, to ensure it passes the BECL (TCD) inspection. You must not complete the purchase until the motorbike passes the inspection.

What to do if your motorbike fails its TCD inspection

Vehicles failing their inspections must fix the deficiency(s) identified during the initial inspection. Once fixed, you need to book a re-inspection with BECL. Consider having your bike serviced before an inspection, to better prepare for passing.

TCDs roles and responsibilities

You can find more information about TCD on their website. Their responsibilities include:

  • Driver examinations and vehicle licensing.
  • Vehicle inspections (carried out by BECL) and vehicle registrations.
  • Licence plates.
  • Regulating the size and number of vehicles allowed on Bermuda’s roads.
  • Inspecting Bermuda’s public service vehicles.