Our sustainability goals

We aim to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible. We work closely with third-party recycling firms and the Bermuda Government to ensure our old tires and batteries are properly disposed of or recycled correctly.

Keeping Bermuda beautiful

Tire recycling

We’re concious of the impact tires have on the environment and we do our utmost to ensure our tires are recycled properly, preventing damage to Bermuda’s ecosystem. Our old tires are delivered to the Airport Facility for recycling, you can read about the process on the Government’s knowledge-base website.

We will recycle your old tires as part of our tire fitting service.

Battery recycling

Old batteries are shipped to an overseas recycling facility to ensure proper disposal of waste products and recycling of the re-usable battery components.

Bring your old automotive batteries and marine batteries to our warehouse to have them recycled free of charge as part of our battery recycling scheme, helping to keep Bermuda beautiful.