One of the annual features that every Bermudian and resident in Bermuda knows all too well is the annual Transport Control Department (TCD) requirement for vehicle inspection for license renewal.

As you may be aware, how much you pay depends entirely on what class of vehicle you are driving. If you’re operating a vehicle in either the intermediate or heavy truck categories in Bermuda, then your time for inspection and license renewal is almost here; February for intermediate trucks, and March for heavy trucks.

Here at TBA Wholesalers, we’ve compiled together the most important details you need to know to get your renewal and inspection underway without a hitch. The payable fee was updated back in April 2018, and truck prices are as follows:

  • Intermediate Truck $1,236.00
  • Truck: Heavy A $1,650.00
  • Truck: Heavy B $1,962.00
  • Truck: Heavy C $2,380.32
  • Truck: Heavy X $2,700.00

Besides the renewal fee, you also have to pay an additional $54.00 fee for the inspection.

If you’re unsure as to which category your truck falls into, then you can always check the vehicle’s registration in the pocket of the sticker on your windshield.The TCD can always help out if you can’t find what you need on category. You can find a full list of vehicle categories and their renewal rates at the TCD government page.

Once you’re sure of your category and you’re ready to get renewal underway, you should prepare the required documents — a valid vehicle examination report, a credit card for payment, and a copy of your current and valid insurance policy — and head to the TCD at 11 North Street in Hamilton (HM17). If your truck is currently registered to a valid assessment number, you can actually complete the process online for extra convenience.

Best not to procrastinate when it comes to proper licensing. We advise all truck operators to prepare in advance and be ready to complete their inspection and renewal as quickly as possible. The result of failing to do so could be worse!

As you consider your vehicle for inspection and renewal for another year of operation, why not also take a close look at your tires?

If you’re in need of rotation or replacement, TBA Wholesalers carries all the top brands of car and truck tires — Dunlop, GT, Hankook and more.

We can check your vehicle and fit any replacements of steering or traction tires that are needed in-house. We also handle tube and flap installation. What’s more, we operate on a totally up-front pricing model, so your quote will also include labour costs.

Below are the various sizes we stock for intermediate and heavy trucks:

Intermediate Trucks (Dunlop, GT, Hankook)

  • 650-R16 Steering Tire
  • 650-R16 Traction Tire
  • 205-R16 (Hankook) Traction Tire

Heavy Trucks

  • 700-16 (14ply) Steering Tire
  • 700-16 (14ply) Traction Tire
  • 750-16 (14ply) Steering Tire
  • 825-16 (18ply) Traction Tire (Hankook)

There’s not much point in renewing your licence if your truck isn’t fit for purpose, so allow our skilled experts to help you get you back on the road in safety and in line with TCD’s standards. At TBA we are your committed partner to a smoother and more successful automotive life in Bermuda.

Contact us today to learn more.