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Bluewave Bermuda Charge Ride

On September 2nd, 2018, TBA took part in the Bluewave…

Preparing your moped for a TCD inspection

Get ready for your Bermuda TCD inspection with the help of this pre-TCD checklist and guide.

Proper preparation is the most important component when passing your…

How to maintain home generator batteries

How to use a battery load tester with your home generator.

Whether you have an engine-driven or battery-powered home generator, battery…

6 tips to stay safe in hurricane season in Bermuda

A guide to keep you safe when it's dark and stormy

Bermuda's hurricane season officially runs from June to November. Stay…

Understanding tire sidewall markings

Learn how to read the size markings for your vehicle's tires.

If you are like most people, the markings on the…

5 types of tire damage you should know about

Learn about 5 types of tire damage that can happen to your vehicle's tires and how to identify and protect against them.

You may be surprised to find out there are five…

Car and motorcycle tire wear, how to prevent it?

3 easy tips to keep your tires on the road longer by reducing wear.

The condition of your vehicle's tires should be something you're…

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