What is a gel (VRLA*) battery?

Gel, or gel cell batteries are spill-proof, maintenance free batteries for high-performance applications. They are sealed during manufacturing and cannot leak, unlike a regular lead-acid battery.

Gel batteries and AGM batteries have very similar properties and can often be confused with each other, the major physical difference being AGM batteries use a liquid, while gel batteries use a gel.

Why should I use a gel battery?

Gel batteries are a good alternative for lead-acid batteries for specialist applications. They don’t leak and don’t require maintenance, which is ideal when your batteries need to be fitted at odd angles and cannot be accessed easily for maintenance.

What gel batteries does TBA stock?

We stock gel batteries for motorcycles and boats. Our gel battery brands include Solite, Energex and Federal. Contact us for current stock information.

*VRLA – Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid battery.